Yerba mate the drink of Uruguay

El Chivi’s Iced Yerba Mate stand 

With its El Chivi twist on traditional, we brew the tea using our personal favourite Yerba Mate, Canarias. We ice it down to be a refreshing granita (slushie) With its traditional earthy, bitter taste and medicinal qualities, this caffeine hit goes perfectly with our chivitos.

Traditionally served hot and drank from a plant based shell, sipped through a metal bombilla (straw). The drink refers to a type of tea drank often called Yerba. We have chosen to use the Canarias brand as a more traditional flavorsome brew.
Seen everywhere – on the bus, the beach, walking the streets people sip the yerba with a thermos under their arm , even Louis Suarez while boarding a plane.
Today, mate is the national Uruguayan drink. The Uruguayan people are the major consumers of mate per capita in the world.

Louis Suarez sipping mate: google images

It has taken some time for me to become a fan of this earthy, bitter taste and I’m not sure if it is with age or the persistence of my husband but I have grown fond of it. In 2019, family members came from Uruguay and taught us how to prepare it properly and the ceremony associated to having a mate, the friendship and time for conversation. In a busy world these were beautiful moments shared over a thermos and the back and forward rotation of the mate. Unknowingly there are rules and invitations needed, particular methods with dos and donts of the mate.

Mate is more than a drink and so much more than a tea, it is really quite special and a beautiful circle to be apart of and be passed.

So with its caffeine, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, medicinal benefits and healing properties we have iced it down and made it more appropriate for the Australian summer and dance floor needs, you can find the El Chivi Iced Yerba Mate stand at most festivals and events where we are allowed to sell drinks.