Food Truck Catering Melbourne

“You catered for our wedding, it was amazing. Everyone loved the food! Such a novel idea and it will leave a lasting impression on our families. The food was perfectly cooked.”
Chantelle Hernandez-Butterworth

El Chivi offers a unique and gourmet experience for your party or event adding that special touch to spoil your guests.

Our friendly and professional team provide 2 hours of food service to your guests, we cook everything fresh from our rustic food truck inspired by the houses of Colonia, Uruguay adding rustic charm to your wedding or event and the perfect prop to your theme.

El Chivi pride ourselves on everything being fresh and locally sourced. Our bread is delivered on the day of trade from our artisan baker, tender and high quality Scotch fillet steak is sourced from the Gippsland or Northern VIC regions. Vegetables and salad ingredients come from a local green grocer and our sauces are homemade to add our own twists on classics.

We have the ability to cook and serve up to 150 Chivitos an hour. Our team are extremely good at what they do – large crowds are where we thrive the best.

El Chivi is available to hire for large scale events, Corporate Catering, Schools and University’s events, Birthdays, Weddings, Engagements and smaller intimate functions.

Please send us an inquiry for pricing and more information.

    Detailed information

    What style of dining would you prefer?

    Traditional and food truck window service  –  Guests pick up their food at the window, a unique experience and something that is becoming quite popular at weddings as the Melbourne food truck scene grows.

    This gives your guests a traditional Uruguayan steak sandwich otherwise known as a Chivito with a side of fries – we have 1 chicken and 3 steak options, or our very popular El Vegan for the plant eaters. Each comes with the option of sides to accompany, such as Jalapeno poppers (v), a mini Empanada, Lamb Skewer with Chimichurri, or crunchy and sweet Churros with dulce de leche (caramel sauce) (v) for $5 per guest. Gluten free and kids options also available.

    Please see our menu.

    Sliders and waiter service – We have 2 options with our slider service

    Slider Pack – Guests will come up to the window in groups of roughly 10, to collect a sliders pack consisting of 2 generously sized sliders (choice of the El Chicki, El Americano & the El Vegan), with a side of fries and 2 jalapeno poppers.

    Unlimited Sliders – Our friendly waiters will roam your crowd offering an UNLIMITED platter selection of your choice of our sliders (choice of the El Chicki, El Americano & the El Vegan) with fries and jalapeno poppers. Adding that special touch, we take care of everything while you mingle with your guests and food comes to you, causing less disruption and allowing the party to go on without a designated meal break.

    Our sliders are a smaller but not bite sized version of our traditional chivitos.
    Slider selection:
    El Chicki – Tender chicken breast, tasty cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato, Spanish onion, El Chivi Sauce and green olives.
    El Americano – Tender scotch fillet steak, tasty cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato, Spanish onion, dill pickles, El Chivi mustard sauce

    El Vegan – Fried Falafel, hummus, chimmichurri, lettuce, tomato, Spanish onion, roasted capsicum, dill pickles & green olives.

    Options available to suit any budget or party: 

    Dining Options

    1. Traditional food truck window service, standard Chivito (El Chicki, El Americano & El Vegan) with a side of fries.

    2. Traditional food truck window service, traditional Chivito ( El Presidente, El Suarez & El Vegan) with a side of fries.

    3. Sliders pack, 2 sliders (El Chicki, El Americano & El Vegan), side of fries and 2 x Jalapeno poppers.

    4. UNLIMITED Sliders (El Chicki, El Americano & El Vegan), fries & Jalapeno poppers with roaming waiters.

    5. FEED US! Entrée, Main and Dessert.
    Traditional food truck window service, standard Chivito (El Chicki, El Americano & El Vegan) with a side of fries, 2 x Jalapeno Poppers, mini Empanada, Churro with dulce de leche & can of soft drink/water.

      Sides to accompany – $5 per guest: 
    – Jalapeno poppers x 2 (v)
    – Mini Empanada
    – Lamb Skewer with Chimichurri
    – Churros with dulce de leche (caramel sauce)(v)
    * Accurate prices available upon request at time of booking*

    Add ons:

    – Prices are excluding GST
    – Travel greater than 50km from Wantirna*
    – Additional hours of service if you would like longer than 3hrs *not available for UNLIMITED Slider service
    – Additional waiters if you would like more than 1 roaming with platters $50 /ph
    (Please note all of our packages have a minimum spend of $1800+gst off peak, 3hrs includes set up and pack down, please contact us for accurate pricing during our peak periods as prices do change during the months of October to April)

    For more information on how we can cater for you and tailor our packages to suit your event, please contact us to check availability and discuss options further 

    What we need… Access to 1 x 10mp outlet, a large open area as our van is 2.4m deep x 5.4m length x 3.3m height so we will need clear access to your space with no overhanging cables, branches or trees – please ensure your space is big enough. We can park on all private property, driveways, front yards, carparks, loading docks.

    “You MUST hire El Chivi to cater your next function. The staff are friendly beyond words, efficient and and an absolute pleasure to deal with but most importantly (sorry guys!) the food is AMAZING!  We are a family of food lovers and I have never eaten anything so delicious in my life. These guys know what they are doing and they’re passion for their trade is evident in every darn bite. Thank you for making yesterday stress free and so very enjoyable. Xx” – Rae Willingham 

    El Chivi sliders
    El Chivi sliders