EL CHIVI – The beginnings

Launched in November 2015, El Chivi was hand built in the garage of my Grandfather with ongoing supervision and support from both him and my Dad. A bonding experience like no other, El Chivi was built, born and ready to go at the same time as our first child and the peak of our food truck summer starting this crazy adventure.

El Chivi launched into the music festival scene of Melbourne with grand ambitions of serving at festivals like Rainbow Serpent, Strawberry fields and more. Before long these dreams and goals became reality and our dreams of owning a food truck and being our own bosses was our new life.

We have been privileged to see live music most weekends, visit rural and suburban parts of Victoria, meet migrants with similar stories to mine as a first generation Australian, feed Uruguayans who haven’t had a chivito since leaving Uruguay. The feedback, reward and experiences we have are unlike anything felt before.

Melbourne’s first and only Uruguayan food truck serving Chivitos