Surviving Covid

Pushing the limits on stress, resilience, creativity, patience, marriage, parenting and soooo much more! That feeling of life, like we knew it will never be the same. Like many others, life got turned upside down on the 15 March 2020, when our entire calendar of events and final summer festivals were cancelled due to government restrictions of all mass gatherings over 100 people cancelled due to the global pandemic.

Luckily for us and thanks to some local legends, community spirit and our chivito lovers old and new supporting us, we could go on.

Each week we would listen to restriction updates and lockdown enforced rules, listening with baited breath to hear if we could continue to trade and offer take away.. lucky for us take away remained and we could continue to trade.

We met some absolutely lovely people, our neighbors, community and seeing those faces each week to learn more about them or hearing how eating our food had brightened their day was truly humbling. We were surviving and just doing what we do, but for our community Friday night take away night bought joy and happiness during a crazy and weird time.

Over 6 years of having our business, we never had a home base, being mobile meant we were never in the same spot and often needing a ticket to the event we were at. Although terrible, Covid allowed us to stand still and be found in the same regular spot each week. From 5km radius, to lifted restrictions, we had people driving all across Melbourne enjoying their freedom and eating our chivitos.

We are forever thankful to our community and customers for keeping us going and supporting us each week!